Ronnie Flex / TPCBF
Interactive Video App iOS Android
Together with Thispagecannotbefound and FHV BDDO Amsterdam, we created a new interactive video experience for the upcoming Dutch artist Ronnie Flex. My role was the development of the intertactive video part. Created in close collaboration with Habbekrats and Top Notch.
Watch a making of created by Vice.
App Design iOS
Centered around the dishes served at Michelin awarded restaurant Bord'Eau in Amsterdam, this app gives you an inside in the kitchen and out in the field where the produces come from. Content for this app was created by Visual Cultures.
Decolabs / TWNKLS
App iPad
Created together with the TWNKLS Projectteam, this app allows you to preview design furniture in your own interior. The app has been nominated for a Spin Award and a DIA Award. Project commissioned by TWNKLS.
Spijkenisse / TWNKLS
App Installation iOS Android Unity 3D
Virtual AR Museum on the market square of Spijkenisse, created together with the TWNKLS Projectteam. This app and installation is a virtual museum using Augmented Reality to show what the market square used to look like combined with narration of old inhabitants telling their stories. The result is an engaging and educational iOS and Android mobile app with strong storytelling, and a viewer installed on the square for the passerbyers to enjoy the augmented market square. Project commissioned by TWNKLS.
Alewijnse / Biqini
Installation Adobe AIR
Augmented Reality game featured on Alewijnse's fair stand at Europort 2011.
Website Design HTML5
Interactive music album for The Traditionals. The Traditionals is a music album recorded in ten days at an ice rink canteen and features 27 artists performing so called classic traditional songs. This website tells the story of traditional songs, the recording conditions and allows you to watch the whole album in video. Simply hit the play all button, sit back and enjoy!
Website Design Flash
Portfolio website for London based design studio Wallzo. Wallzo's designs are so nice you want your screen filled with them. And that's exactly what the site does; it finds the most efficient way to layout the items to make full use of the screen real-estate. The interface elements are minimal so all the attention goes where it should.
Port of Antwerp / Dr Kominski
Installation Adobe AIR Java
Multi-touchscreen installation for MAS Museum Antwerp created together with Dr Kominski. In one of the pavilions of the Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp you will find an interactive exposition about the harbor of Antwerp. The installation features a 360° video and sound projection and 18 touchscreens that allow visitors to zoom and get more information on different elements in the video. Project commissioned by Dr Kominski.
Gerard et Jerome
Website Design Flash
Showcase website for music studio Gerard et Jerome. Gerard et Jerome create music for commercials and movies and this website presents a selection of their work in a simple and elegant way. The website guides you through the video's, allowing you to see all their work after only one click of the mouse.
Interactive Video Design Flash
360° karaoke video for Steye's single What a Feeling. You would think only the japanese would come up with combining 360° video and karaoke. Wrong. This interactive video was created as part of an online magazine promoting the release of Steye's new album Lovedrum. Keep looking around as you only see a small piece of the puzzle and keep that mouse button pressed if you want to sing along.
Barcinski & Jeanjean
Website Design Flash
Experience portfolio website for interactive studio. In 2008 Mark Barcinski and myself decided to start our interactive studio called Barcinski & Jeanjean, specialized in cutting-edge experience websites. So to show what our customers could expect of us we set out to create an online experience unseen before. The result was the first interactive stereoscopic 3D website in history, adding a new dimension to the word experience. The launch of the site was accompanied by a mailing of Barcinski & Jeanjean 3D glasses. Besides being picked up by numerous magazines and blogs, the site was awarded with a Silver Spin Award, FWA Site of the Day and a Webby nomination.
Hollandtoer / 3komma14
Website Flash
Miniature version of The Netherlands created together with 3komma14. Together with Robin Slierendregt of 3komma14, responsibly for that lovely 3D work, we created this isometric rendition of The Netherlands for The website allows you to explore the sightseeing highlights of our beautiful country. Project commissioned by 3komma14.
Family Tree
Website Design Flash
Website for photography project Family Tree by Ringel Goslinga. Ringel Goslinga's photography project Family Tree is a collection of 108 portraits of people who have been important to him in one way or another, and the project as a whole amounts to a self-portrait. The series has been published in a book, but this website offer a way to explore the collection in a way that is truly unique to this medium.
Defqon.1 / Biqini
Website Flash
Experience website for the Defqon.1 festival created together with Biqini. Every year the DJ lineup for the Defqon.1 festival is announced with the launch of a much anticipated experience website. And this year, together with the guys over at Biqini, the honor was ours to create something unusual. Project commissioned by Biqini.
Website Design Flash
Website for photography project Aumont by Geraldine Jeanjean. Geraldine Jeanjean's photography project Aumont portraits a small village situated in the most sparsely populated region in France, called Aumont. The website offers two ways to explore the series by combining horizontal and vertical navigation. Horizontaly you browse through the impressions as you would get by walking in and around the village; you see landscapes, meet a person, notice a house, meet another person, maybe even noticing an old family portrait hanging on the wall in a local bar. All these different aspects mixed together. Verticaly, however, you can explore Aumont within one aspect; meet all the people in a row, or take a walk outside the village to enjoy all the landscapes, or take the architectural route by going up or down on a photograph of a building. A decision to make for each photo; which way to go? But don't worry, no matter which way you choose, you will see them all.
Bluetooth Symphony
Installation Design Music Flash
Toilet visitors create a musical arrangement. This interactive installation was made for the FITC Amsterdam event and was installed in the toilets of the Felix Meritis. The installation reacts to the presence of Bluetooth devices in a room. Each person entering with a Bluetooth device will add a new randomly selected instrument to the music. Which means that the more people present, the more instruments will form the music. However, when nobody is present, no music is playing.
The musical elements were specifically composed for the installation. The arrangement, however, was yet to be made by the visitors to the room. The graphical part of the installation visualizes the presence of Bluetooth devices and displays which instrument has been assigned to which person. This way, each one can see and identify which instrument he or she is playing in the arrangement.